Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review : Value Gear Details, 1/72 scale Universal/Generic Tents, Tarps & Crates.. (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello everyone,

Today, there is a review in "miniafv"..

The Value Gear which usually works on 1/35 scale, started to make sets for 1/72. I think this set will be fine for using as accessories to put on the vehicles, such as crate, branda, etc...

This set is resin and its really realistic. The casting quality is very fine. Every modeller will get pleasure while using this set. I enjoyed very much. Highly Recommended.

You can visit this web page

first look :

1/72 Tent, Tarp & Crates Set #1 (37 Pieces)

1/72 Crates Set #1 (49 Pieces)

1/72 Tent, Tarp & Crates Set #2 (37 Pieces)

a small test with my Stug IV..


some wash and drybrush ..


This sets supplied by Steve Munsell of Value Gear..Thank you Steve..


  1. Great Thanks for sharing. I just wish I could see the names on the VC bottles.

    1. Ok Greg.
      Vallejo "Panzer Aces" series.. New wood, Old wood, Canvas.. "Model Color" series Black and various green..

  2. Nice looking stuff, and nice StuG IV, but if you put all that gear on the rear deck the engine will catch fire!!! You can put it on a Sherman as they ventilate out the rear, or a T34 (sides) but those grills in the decks of German AFV,s are to keep the engine cool!

    It's too nice to burn!

  3. Hi Hugh, yes of course . They were just testing purposes. no fixing, Only to show ;)

  4. Erhan, it is nice to see that you found these sets. I have recently reviewed them on Armorama and used them on my Dragon LRDG truck. They were perfect! :-) Steve (the owner) of Value Gear is currently working on new sets and may even start making sets for Shermans.

    1. Hi Jan, you are right, these sets are very nice for braille scale modelling. I must read your review . And Dragon Lrdg ;) very nice job my friend;)


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