Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trumpeter 1/72 Sherman M4A3 Iwo Jima / first page (by Hakan Karlı)

Hello dear friends,

Hakan did a nice work for us. After that we listen Hakan, 

Hello everyone,                                                   When Sherman said if the last time the Fury coming, but I always remember that the Marines and British Firefly's. So I wanted to make an Iwo Jima Sherman. I chose Trumpeter M4A3 for this project. I used Black dog Iwo Jima set and RB metal barrel for this kit. There are several variations of the Pacific Shermans. There were wood panels on the sides. These were to be protected from magnetic mines. There were metal spikes on the body and lid. Were applied especially against the effects of the handbags bomb. For example here is Devy Jones..

firstly, I mounted metal spikes..

resin parts forced me, but it's OK. And then applied primer..

and then I started the base

Tamiya Texture, "Dark earth"

old brush bristles (used hair spray for fixed), broken branches (from the garden)

and various pigments ...

Back the  model. Wooden parts were painted with Vallejo new/old wood. Next day hair spray technique. After spray painted with Gunze H321 light brown. And then warm water and a stiff brush.
(good job ..Erhan)

The base was completed ..

click please for the completed model :http://miniafv...sherman-m4a3-iwo-jima
Hakan & Erhan..


  1. Good work. Maybe a little bit dirt/land on the wood parts after all painting process finish..

  2. me ideas about my own 1/72 diorama...


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