Monday, November 14, 2016

ACE 1/72 RSO/01 with 2cm. Flak.38 (by Tolga Ülgen)

Hello dear modeler,

Tolga Ülgen returned to ring with an ACE .. This kit has a bad mold but exquisite finish with a master modeler.  Thank you for sharing Tolga...

Tolga's note : 
RSO with Flak. The pe tracks are good, but as indicated in instructions you really place them in a flame till turn to red. So they soften and bended well. Otherwise the road wheels, especially the center wheels connetions are so weak (only three small points to glue) and break easily...


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Andy , it's old kit and bad molding but have pe track .

    2. Hi Andy,
      I was so busy to "create" a reasonable cabin from the parts given so had no time to photograph. The outer shell consist of 6 parts and needs lots (I mean a lot) of putty and sanding then scribing.Road wheels are another story. An old ACE kit.


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