Friday, September 30, 2011

Trumpeter 1/72 KV-2 M1940 (Burak Çınar)

1/72 Trumpeter KV-2

“Stalin’s Giant” nicknamed KV series were the heaviest and most powerful tanks due to its fire power and thick armour, in 1941. KV-2 was a tank in which 152 mm howitzer mounted on the early KV chassis. Although its legend was short, it was able to destroy many German panzers at range and survived with more than 60-70 AT-gun shots, in early engagements during Operation Barbarosa, in 1941.

This is a satisfactory kit from Trumpeter. I have built it for Armorama’s “Killer KVs” campagin. It has less than 100 pieces, and not any serious problems while making. I first spreyed it with Duplicolor’s lighter gren ton. I used “mopping up” technique for painting. It was my third experience for this technique, so surface of my KV-2 is thinner than my first victims, Pz-IIIM (Burak's Pz3 M link) and Churchill Mk.3. I have detailed just climbing steps, cutting the originals and cleaned there, then I pierced four holes on both sides of the turret to attach four clips. After painting I have not washed it and pass to dry-brush with oil colours. Then I used some dust. 

I have not used any marking to use little AT-gun damages on the tank. There are about 40-50 gunshot scars, even on the barrel. This was inspired by Marshal Rokossovski’s memoirs.

Burak Çınar

Thank you Burak :)  


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