Sunday, October 9, 2016

Airfix 1/72 German E-Boat (or S-Boot) (by Barış Acar)

Hello dear modeler,

Today comes a new contribution. Barış Acar will share his 1/72 warships with us. Very nice collection . Thank you Barış and Welcome to the "miniafv"

Firstly, here is the German E-boat . 

Short Description : The German S-Boot (or E-Boat)** was a high speed torpedo boat used by the German Navy during World War II. Not only were these boats fast, but heavily armed, very seaworthy and far in advance of the British Royal Naval coastal forces.
** Classification for the German : S-Boot (Schnellboot), for the British E-Boat (Enemy war motorboat)


  1. avery nice looking E Boat i am just building the Revell S 100 and lookin for the New Airfix Kit as the Revell is not new but the old one re boxed

  2. Very nice. I appreciate the pictures as I am rebuilding one of these that lost parts and was broken up during several moves. Scratch building the rear gun deck and some of the side screens and gun mounts.


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