Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dragon 1/72 PzBeobWg V Ausf.G first page (by Erhan)

Hi dear friends,

I want to build a PzBeobWg V Ausf G for "armorama/Panther Campaign" . It's a Dragon. This Panther tank was the armored observation vehicle variant, the Panzerbeobactungswagen and according to Jentz only one was built and put to use. It had a dummy gun but had a map plotting table and extra artillery band radio sets supplied for coordination of firing.

parts :
these two big parts are die cast. A heavy model

other parts are made by plastic

two screws for die cast parts and tow cable

The Beob has detailed the engine compartment. Paint black and some dry brush with silver (but when it is finished, you will not see.)

paint : base : Vallejo 70914 (mix white), camouflage: Vallejo 70979 (mix white)

a little update....12.09.2012,

click for completed model http://miniafv.....dragon-172-pzbeobwg-v-ausfg-completed.html


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