Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Esci 1/72 Kingtiger **building** / by Erhan

Hello dear friends,

I bought this kit 10 years ago. This Esci kit is a valuable for me.  We have organized a small kingtiger campaign. (only 3 models completed) I joined with the antique box.
This page is about building stage...
Erhan - miniafv..

old mold but clean and high quality parts..

I started with the turret..

muzzle has two parts. Need to putty when you assembly..

added to the small details...

drilled muzzle :)

click please for painting page : http://miniafv.....kingtiger-painting-by-erhan.html )..


  1. Nice so far Erhan, a command figure for one of the tanks perhaps?

  2. There is no command figure in this kit. But there are Two driver figure. I can't paint there :(


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