Friday, September 5, 2014

Airfix 1/76 WWI Male Tank w/dio (by Gürkan Özkan)

Hello everyone,

It is a classic Airfix kit. Cheap, easy to assemble, not too much detail. It is not a new model. It is one of the earliest models which have been produced in 1960s.

Its really impressive, detailed and nice model if you see that it is produced 60 years ago
I painted the kit by acrylics using brush. I like the camouflage I did ) Then I used some oil colors. Some weathering and at last I used some vallejo pigments.

 I tried to make a scene from ww1. A british tank 'Fray Bentos' have been trapped near German
trenches. For 3 days the germans tried to enter the tank but the tank crew fighted well and after 3 days they escaped from the tank.

I used Zvezda figures to make the scene more effective. The figures are nice, detailed. I did the surface by using tamiya texture and real soil. It look fine in my opinion.
I hope you enjoy. Thank you.
Gürkan Özkan...

Good job Gürkan, thank you for sharing..


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