Monday, September 29, 2014

PST 1/72 "Katjusha" M-13 Rocket Launcher on Zıs-6 (by Sertaç Yücek)

Hello everyone,

Today we have a new contributors , his name is Sertaç Yücek. He forced in the process of construction but good result. I think it's a pretty model. Please continue Sertaç,


  1. Very nice. I made PST's Zil-6 cargo truck and enjoyed making it. So much so that I'm looking to buys some more PST kits.

  2. A great model:
    In addition, I like all cars with a "4 corner" formed
    These are fine, maybe even a little piece of sexiness
    Like gangster sitröen.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I never thought that this model would qualify for MiniAFV, but here we are.

    I really enjoyed this kit with all it's troubles, unfitting parts and everything that can make you drive mad. I had it from a friend as partly structured and partly painted. So the work included disaseembling and repainting after paint removal. The launcher tracks weren't matching as described on the construction manual. Or there was no windshield glass until I scratch built it. Conculesively I had to change the progress but really, really loved it.

    To be true this was my first attempt for a base and used everything what I had in hand including a jar lid. ;-) Nevertheless, the grass is awful, the jar lid is funny and the road tracks are bizarre. So it goes solo now on the shelf without a base. :-)


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