Saturday, February 13, 2016

Revell 1/72 Sherman M4A1 (by Berk Ç.Kurt)

Hello everyone,

We are with Berk today. Sherman, a classic tank but this model is different interpretation. I loved the surface paint. Perhaps a little overdone weathering but it looks good.

Thank you for sharing Berk..



  1. I am astonished! I thought that this exact Sherman by Revell can not be made interesting because the model is kinda boring. Was I wrong! You did such a wonderful job of making it so interesting, well done, well done! Fantastic!

  2. Nice try, but I do see a few flaws: The biggest being the turret hatch not split in two, als it would open, you just flipped it to the left in the "closed" position. The other being the tracks: The tank itself rusted, but the tracks are blank steel? Not realistic, it should be otherwise ot in this case the tracks being at least more heavily rustend, than the tank. I don't wanna be rude, you really did a nice try to make this model more interesting, but in my oppinion the rust looks somehow too "colorful", for example on the left front side, where you should have added the decals before adding rust to make it look more realistic. But still a good try!


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