Thursday, June 30, 2016

Revell 1/72 Tiger II Ausf.B (by Ahmet Eren İspir)

Hello dear friends,
Today, a young modeler with us.. His name is, Ahmet Eren İspir...
I think he is very talented and very nice model...
Continue please..
Ahmet writes..

I’m 15 years old and from Istanbul/Turkey. I have been building scale models for 3 years. But I can only build models at weekend because I’m at boarding school. I have built this Tiger kit last September but painted it this semester. Expect the commander figure its OOB. You can only see his head and a bit of shoulder because I wanted to place him like the boxart.

I applied Tamiya XF-60 as base coat + semi-gloss varnish and sprayed hairspray with airbrush. One day later I painted it in white. When it dried I apply water with brush and scrape it. So it made it look like the real winter wash in the tank is damaged and the base paint is showed up. You can use this technique for rusting too. And when I finished my job with brush I sprayed semi-gloss varnish and then decals. At last the matt varnish and weathering.
Ahmet Eren İspir..."


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