Thursday, March 16, 2017

Plastic Soldier + S-Model 1/72 Pzkfw Nebelwerfer 41 M(5) (+M5 Stuart) /by Numba Toby

Hello dear friends,

Today we have a guest. I will share a foreign friend's model every month. Today we have Toby de Castro (nick name is   Numba Toby) from the Philippines.
Welcome my friend..Your work is very interesting and I like it very much.
Thank you for sharing..
Erhan ..

Numba Toby wrote :

Abandoned US Army M5's left during fighting in the Hedgrow around Carentan, France where quickly hauled away hoping they could be of use against their former owners. German engineers enjoyed the low maintenance and wonderful cross country performance of the M5's but were disappointed with the 37mm main gun. Wanting to take advantage of their booty, the Germans mounted the 5-tube 21cm Nebelwerfer 41 rocket launcher and converted the fast tank into a fast mobile rocket launcher system. Prior to launching its payload, the tube launchers would be rotated to the 9 or 3 o'clock position to avoid damaging the engine or burning the items on the stowage rack. This vehicle would become the grandfather of the modern M270 MLRS *

* Miliraty History According to Numbaone c.1997

This is a fictitious tank converted to a mobile rocket launcher. This vehicle never existed (nor does the book I supposedly wrote). This was a subject inspired by a good friend Dr. Raphael Marbella who showed me a photo of a Neb 41 on a Matilda Tank.

I remember completing this in 2014 and this is the combination of the Plastic Soldier Co. M5 Stuart tank and an S Model Nebelwerfer 41 2cm rocket launcher.

Numba Toby... 

S-Model Nebelwerfer 42 bathed with Vallejo Model Air German Grey.

Neb 42 with a little highlighting and wash.

Tried to see how the German Grey rocket launcher looked with the chipped/faded Dark Yellow.

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  1. You give a history of this vehicle then say it didn't exist? Which is it?


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