Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pit-Road 1/72 (IJA) Japanese Army 28cm Howitzer General Nogi (by Viktor Gorelov)

Hello dear friends,

Today there is a modeler from Russia on the world modelers page. .. Viktor Gorelov lives in Russia / Moscow. We meet him in our local Turkish forum. ( Hello my friend...

Today is a historic model with us. I liked it very much. It's a master model. I was wondering about this Japanese howitzer. It's a good reference for me.



The 28cm (11 inch) IJA howitzer was built by the Osaka Army Arsenal, patterned on an Italian gun designed for them by the British. The gun was officially adopted for production in 1887.

It was used against Russia during the Russo-Japanese War just after the turn of the 20th century. In late 1904, six of the guns were used in the capture of Hill 203, and then employed in the siege of Port Arthur in Manchuria. Over the course of the next few months the howitzers were used to devastating effect on the Port itself, as well as sinking four battleships, a pair of cruisers, and damaging one more battleship, and in early 1905 the Russians surrendered after most of their Pacific Fleet had been destroyed.

The guns were also used again during World War One. At this time Russia and Japan were allied against Germany, and Japan provided some howitzers to Tsarist Russia, some of which were captured by the Germans during the course of the war.

During the 1930s the guns were modified for towing by a 13-ton tractor, and subsequently used again against Russian forces at the Amur River in what was to be the beginning of the Khalkhin Gol/Nomonhan War. The howitzers also appear to have been in place as coastal defence around Tokyo Bay and Western Japan during World War Two..

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