Monday, October 2, 2017

10th FNSS PlasticBattle Armor Modeling Show 2017 ... first page

Hello dear modeler,

10th FNSS PlasticBattle Armor Modeling Show was held in Ankara on 16-17th September with participation of 305 competition models by 124 modelers and 30+ display models.

Sponsored by FNSS Defense Systems, hosting was admirable with professional technical support, all-day drink services, lunch and cookouts, souvenirs like t-shirts with show logo, magnets and pins. 
Thank you very much FNSS..

traditional family photo...

I am publishing 1/72 scale models on this page, sorry. If you are interested in other models and detail, click please.. http://www.armorama...iew&artid=7581 . Thank you dear Engin Kayral..

And miniafv team... Left to right , Hakan Karlı, Gürkan Özkan, Erhan Atalay, İbrahim Öner and selfie from Kerem Özkır. Burak Özdil is absent..

As miniafv team,  We gave the "MiniAFV" special awards this year too...

and modeling time...

click please for the second page :http://miniafv....10th-fnss-plasticbattle-armor-modeling_6.html


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    1. Thank you , We are waiting in September 2018. with a miniafv model ;)

  2. thank you for this rattling post, I am glad I found this website on yahoo.


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