Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Airfix & Scratch 1/76 Churchill Gun Carrier (by Kürşat Kaan Kerimoğlu)


Hello dear friends,

Kürşat is with us. An interesting project, a unique model with antique Airfix kit and scratch-building parts.

He found technical drawings of the Churchill Gun Carrier tank on the internet. Based on these drawings and he determined draft dimensions. Kürşat cut the material of these sizes from Evergreen plastic sheets.

Excellent result, congratulations man !!



In 1941, the General Staff requested an investigation looking into the possibility of mounting high-velocity cannons onto tanks. The Valentine or Churchill were ill-suited to mounting anything larger than a 6-Pounder (57 mm/2.24 in) or 75 mm (2.95 in) cannon in their turret. As such, it was decided to mount the cannon in a superstructure with a limited traverse.
What came out of this was the Churchill Gun Carrier. Under the officially long-winded designation of Gun Carrier, 3-inch, Mk I, Churchill (A22D), this vehicle was the first and only conversion of the Churchill chassis into an Assault Gun/Tank Destroyer.


completed model..

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  1. Fantastic build .. crazy concept .. thanks for the history lesson :)


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