Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dragon 1/72 Tiger I Ausf E (late) / Burak Çınar

Hi dear friends,

My work to a very busy this time. But I will a holiday in February, and then will start again on the modeling. My friends Burak Özdil and  Burak Çınar give support to  "miniafv" . Thank you my friends. Burak Çınar has recently completed a Tiger. Thank you for sharing Burak  ..

1/72 Dragon Tiger-IE Late Production. This is the first owned zimmerit Braille model by Dragon. There were many errors or problems on this kit. However, I tasted my first zimmerit with Field Green camouflage over Sandy Brown. I have used the thick camouflage, using both classical and mopping up techniques. After painting, I washed it two times with oil colours; first with Black, and the second were Black+Ochre, which gave like a dark olive drab tone. Then came the drybrush with oil Brown. At last I have finished my little cat(!), dusting with the dry pastels. My Tiger is an armoured warrior in the East Front in early 1944, and belonged to sPzAbt. 506.
Burak Çınar...

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  1. tebrikler burak... eline sağlık çok güzel olmuş :)
    zimmerit kitin kendisinde vardı sanırım...


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