Friday, January 6, 2012

Which T-34/76 & Matchbox 1/76 T-34 (Erhan Atalay)

Hello Dear firends,
For a long time I would like to make a T-34. But I could not decide. Which one?

An antique ESCI, 1943 model
Last years best of a Dragon, 1941 or 1942 model
An unknown Trumpeter, 1942 model ..
Or are they all?
If you help me, I'm very happy...
Then I remembered, 
I built only one T34, a 1 / 76 scale Matchbox. This model is 10 years old ...


  1. I always thought Fujimi had the best T34's around. The ESCI one does not look quite right I think. Unknown about the Dragon and Trumpeter.

    You had better build them all.

    Regards Paul

  2. A good, classic tank, well made and painted.

  3. Nice work - i always liked the matchbox T34, with the Fujimi version a distant second.

  4. Thank you all..:)

    Oh my god !!! Fujimi.. I sold Fujimi a few months ago. :( My friend Barış Bayar bought. His girl friend is building and when it was finished will be in "miniafv"

  5. Erhan,

    try to find the Zvezda T-34. It's a 1943 model and perhaps one of the more enjoyable kits you can find. Best tracks out there as well.


  6. If you want to send back brother Fujimi T-34. :) :))))) :P :P

  7. Dear Barış , I want to see as the finished ;)

  8. Hi Dimitri, When I find Zvezda, I will buy..:)


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