Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dragon 1/72 Panther G construction stage (Ayhan Toplu)

Ayhan Toplu, a moderated our local forum "plasticbattle" . He usually making 1/35 scale AFV and aircraft models in various scales This time, a 1/72 scale model worked. Very nice, fine detail, a perfect painting, realistic weathering.  Thank you for sharing and welcome to "miniafv" Ayhan.


First page about construction stage... Lots of detail. Crazy :)
Details : 
Voyager PE sets ( Panther A/G Pz.Rgt.26 Anti Aircraft Armor ) (Panther G Set)
RB Model barrel (1/72 7,5cm KwK 42L/70)

to be continued..


  1. buraya kadar izlemisi çok keyifliydi... bitişi merakla ve heyecanla bekliyorum... ellerinize sağlık...

  2. Very nice indeed. I am a convert to metal barrels, they give that little more.


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