Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Sherman...M4A3E8...A nightmare... / Erhan...

Hi my friends,
My other half project. ( I have a lot of projects ) In Day got a job that sucks. I am resting at night, with my projects . (about braille scale modeling of course) One day I'll show public images.
I wanted to make a model for therapy.
A sherman? 
Sherman is a Dragon? 
good idea ...
So let's start ..
A nightmare ...

Let's start with number 1 stage. How easy is it in the picture. Eight rice grains. Assemble please.

and make this process six times. Total 48 pieces .. continued hours..a victory !!!

looks terrible tracks. Long and thick. The most important thing is not compatible with the sprocket wheel.  flexible like rubber band...What to do ?

Cut it Erhan !!! Glue it Erhan !!! Ok... (with my other project.. A hetzer, wait for Hetzer please)

continue :)

test painting
A family photo ..To Stuart:

Of course, will continue.   click for comleted model


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