Thursday, August 2, 2012

1/72 Zvezda War Elephants: Seleucid Elephant, Battle of Magnesia (Manisa), 190 B.C. (by Burak Çınar)

1/72 Zvezda North African Forest Elephant

This was a viniette which I had built it several years ago. I have decided to make it after I saw painting of Battle of Magnesia ad Sipylum (Manisa, 190 B.C.) in Concord Publication’s “Ancient Armies” book. In the battle, Romans had routed Seleucid Army’s war elephants’ assault, then elephants went back their own cavalry and infantry, caused some fratricide.

1/72 Zvezda War Elephants is one of best figure set with deep deatils. There are two types of war elephants in the set: Asian and North African Forest Elephant. North African Forest Elephant with a crew of four warriors fits Seleucid Army.

After detached the parts from sprue, I have cleaned the vinyl parts that it took time. Elephant’s mouth and body liked Gunze’z Dissolved Putty. When it was ready to paint, I have used first Duplicolor's Gloss Black Acrylic Spray to all. I used Faller’s Gold Pen for brass armour. I preferred Gunze’s Shine Red for elephants’ ornamentation, like ears. I have used three RLM grays for elephants with brushing and drybrushing. I have washed it with acrylic paints. After the elephant, I painted the warriors and prepared the ground.

Burak Çınar...

I think this is an AFV. Of course for that period. Very nice job Burak, thank you for sharing again..

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