Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trumpeter 1/72 JS-3 Stalin, **continue** (By Erhan)

Let's continue to Stalin. Do you remember ? (first page http://miniafv.js-3-stalin-help-me.)

Now painting time. First try about paint. Vallejo "sand" too yellow and dark. Mix % 50 white.. You can see that color the upper and the following pictures. I don't like..

Burak Özdil sent me paint from Istanbul. Model Master "sand" . Nice color for Stalin. You can see this color below.

A little paint chips...

Scratches on the body...

adding towing cable..

update (05.12.2012)

decal stage.
Here ise reference and decals..

Trumpeter decal (like a sparrow) is left side, Roden decal  is (like peacocks) right side

I used Roden decals, more realistic...

update 21.12.2012

coming soon :)

click please for first page http://miniafv....1/72-js-3-stalin-help-me

completed modelhttp://miniafv.....trumpeter-172-egyptian-js-3-tank-by.html


  1. Good job so far! It looks like an improvement over the old Airfix kit.

  2. Many thanks
    Of course better than Airfix kit

  3. How you did scratches on body ? And did you used sand wash in addition with pigment?
    I am building an 1/35 IS-3 of trumpeter too .do you have any advises for colouring and weathering for me?
    I would be thanksfull
    with regards ALI

    1. Hi Ali,
      No used anythings on budy. This model completed out of box. I used modelmaster sand Color and black oil wash. Some weathering ofcourse with warious pigmenti. Good luck my friend :)


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