Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Modelcollect 1/72 T-90 A "building" (by Erhan)

Hello my friends,

my T-90 continues. Do you remember first page?

Modelcollect T-90 review

now, to be completed big parts, had only small parts.

wooden has nice detail...

and a falso !! track is too long...

and completed :) 

painting time...All were painted with Val 315 light mud...  And masking with patafix..

and camouflage, Val 70924, Russian Uniform..It's a soldier :) 

a satisfactory result..

And some black.. but I don't like it..

Decaling..the decals are quality..

Some oil wash.. first photos before wash, second photos after wash :)

and than matt clear coat, some dry brush..

the last application, pigment ... Matt Clear Coat ... Wait for studio pictures :)



  1. That's a lovely model. Everything really comes together after that wash and the dry brushing.

  2. thank you Anne and you are right..

  3. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! I bought that model and its on the way to me... I am planning to do a nice blue, white and grey camouflage pattern.

    great work and do you have any tips for me for when I get mine, (if the tips are about painting I don't have an airbrush just to let you know)

  4. Hi James and thank you :)

    Of course I can help you.. This model is my first airbrush try for miniafv (braille scale) scale.. until now painted with a brush and I love brush..I prefer Vallejo for brush. I use window-cleaning liquid for thinning..
    You can write any problems..

  5. biraz araştırma yaparken burayı gördümde etkileyici bir çalışma olmuş elinize sağlık

  6. Nicely done but the commanders cupola /sights are facing the wrong way - hatch opens to front and the sight unit should be at front.

  7. how did you sort the tracks


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