Friday, September 13, 2013

How to make easy water effect / by Gürkan Özkan

Hi dear friends,

Now, Gürkan Özkan explains Water effects with 100 coats varnish. Thank you for sharing Gürkan..


This product from "Cadence Hobby Paints" (,LA_204-2.html#labels=204-2)
Product explanation;
One coat equals to 100 coats of varnish. Provides a high gloss finish.

There are two bottles in its box. One resin the other hardener. We can mix it by this ratio; 2 resin 1 hardener. İts easy to use it. Just mix them in a plastic cup or something else for 5 minutes. After a hard mixing, we have to wait for 2-3 minutes. Then just pour it to the surface.

It can be touch after 2-3 hours but I dont prefer. Your fingertips can be copied on it. If you want to work some wave or any other effect, thats the right time. Not so hard, not so soft. After 12 hours its all hard like glass.

(click please for Pz II diorama http://miniafv...176-pzkpfw-ii-ausff.html)

We have to be careful about the diorama base which we would pour the varnish. It can easily leak out. I use clay for my dio bases. After 2-3 hours clay gets hard. But I dont trust it and I use cement to get the surface harder. I use texture material and paint. Then I pour the mix on the surface.

In fact its not very effective if you want to work for a deep water, like sea or river. You can work for it, maybe you can find the best design. I usually use cadense 100 coats varnish for water puddles or slop.

You can also change its color. Just add a little bit paint while mixing resin and hardener. For a lake add green, for sea add blue, for mud add brown etc. Just be careful. We have to add really a little paint. Or youll get a chocolate base, like my work :)

The 100 coats varnish is cheap. 12 Turkish Liras, its equal to 6 USD.
In my opinion its really effective to work small mud or water puddles. İts just too much glossy, but you can fix it by working. Just work with it, after getting experince you cannot leave it.

Gürkan Özkan...


  1. Nice look to the dioramas. Maybe a "puddle" in the boot of the car would look good too.

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