Sunday, December 1, 2013

HobbyBoss 1/72 German 80 cm K(E) Railway Gun "DORA" / third page (by Sarhan Demir)

Hello dear friends,

Last page about building Dora. If you want to remember previous page, click on the following links :
first page http://miniafv....hobbyboss-172-german-80-cm-ke-railway.first html
second page http://miniafv...hobyboss-172-german-80-cm-ke-railway.second.html
Sarhan is a patient and skilled modeller, Congratulations ..

Painting and decals .. all in one continues..

Barrel come in ..

Lift system is OK..

A giant..with 1/72 scale tiger..

Not finished :) There are lots of parts ..

must be robust, bolted to the floor with wires...

wash and weathering stage..

Sarhan will send  photos about finished model ..Wait please..
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