Thursday, December 19, 2013

Revell 1/72 T-90 review (by Erhan Atalay)


1/72 scale modellers waiting for this kit. Once,  who want to make the T-90 was contented with ACE kit. However, Ace kit has a bad mold. Maybe can be combined with Revell T-72 for a quality model. A hybrid model. (Burak Özdil did it http://miniafv...-ace-russian-t-90-and-revell-burak.html)

In continuation, A new Chinese company "Modellcolect" produced the T-90 version. Beautiful kits,
I and Hakan Karlı tried this kits and we like.
Erhan's T-90A http://miniafv...modelcollect-172-t90
Hakan's T-90 http://miniafv...modelcollect-172-t-90-mbt-cast-turret

And than Zvezda and Revell announced T-90 in early 2013. Revell has won..

Let's see the parts..There are too many parts, nice mold and   clean parts ..

And the hull...Hull isn't taken from Revell T-72 kit. A new molding and the drive hatch is open. Also there are small differences. You can examine the the body comparisons. I also added Modelcollect hull.

You can build three versions, Russian Army T-90 and T-90K, Indian Army T-90S. I chose the Indian version .. T-90S .. like this :

And the turret, build turret is very enjoyable,  only needs a little attention and concentration. Because there are very small parts, but a good fit.

T-90 have two different tracks. T-90 (Russian) track fittings part is short (small sprocket range), T-90S (Indian) track fittings is long (large sprocket range)

T-90 tracks and sprocket wheel :

T-90 tracks and sprocket wheel :

And Revell T-90 kit.. You can build T-90 version but wrong tracks and sprocket whels for T-90S version . Modelcollect tracks more accurate and I can used Modellcollect tracks but I think complete out of the box..

My English is not good. I hope you are understood...
click please for second page http://miniafv....revell-172-t-90-s-indian-army-second.html


  1. cool I made the Model Collect version and it was enjoyable. but I don't like those solid tracks in the revell kits if you make a mistake its hard to correct and if a bit snaps... un-needed stress. sadly I noticed that the antena on my t-90 has snapped :-( so I'll be having to replace that (or just remove it)

  2. Good post Erhan. Nice looking kit.

  3. What is your problem with 90?? Type 90 - T90- ZTZ90-Sdkkfz90.....
    Good work and review my friend..Why we're talking in other language...?? I'll do tme same..Coming soon..

  4. Maybe can be combined with Revell T-72 for a quality model. A hybrid model. ...

  5. Nice post.


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