Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Revell 1/72 Schnellboot S-100 & Flak 38 (by Emre İlter)

Hi dear friends,

Today, here  is a different page. First time a warship was coming in "miniafv". But this warship own various weapons, also there are many successful figures. I wanted to share this model . I think it would be good from time to time such changes.
Thank you Emre Ilter, very nice finish.

Emre said;   
This is the my build of a wonderfully-molded kit Revell 1/72 S-100 Schnellboot.. as it appeared towards the end of WW2. This is one of the few boats that were equipped with the Flak 38 quad barrel gun.
That was a out of box build but the kit went together very well with few modifications like chancing middle 20 mm C/30 cannon with a 37 mm Flak 42 cannon.

I decorated the S boat with a camo scheme based from a S boat that operated in the WWII Baltic theater which made from decal paper.. Figures used from Revell's Kriegsmarine crew set..

At the end i am very enjoyed to working on this kit build took me a month.. I hope you guys love it too. Big thanks goes out to "miniafv".

Best Regards


  1. I have returned to modelling after many years having been shielded at the age of 70! I have made some and by coincidence I have just started this one. Congrats on superb work. I will use this page as a benchmark and hope you will take that as a compliment. Could i ask how you applied the bow stripes and what width are they?

    1. hello friend, welcome to modeling ..
      very old model. I could not communicate with the model maker (Mr. Emre İlter ) who made the model. I am very sad..


  2. And the for the other referance in miniafv :

  3. Thank you for your kind remarks. I have used the photos and estimate each strip to be approx. 5mm and that's what I'm going for. Even at my age I am learning a lot. I find the modelling faternity of this time to be very helpful. Thanks again


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