Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dragon 1/72 "Krupp Protze" Kfz.69 6x4 Towing Vehicle (by Sancar Buhur)


This time victim is again another braille...This time from Dragon... kfz 69 towing vehicle.. Detail level and fitting of the model is very good. I higly recommend to all braille scale lovers..
Sancar Buhur ...

(thank you for sharing Sancar.. Erhan & miniafv...)

And as the last two photos...My traditional braille scale poses..:).. Sancar..


  1. As usual the fine mark of a master AFV model builder: realistic weathering, plus to me seat covers which look like heavily used and worn leather upholstery. Excellent work, sir.


  2. Andy and Jay, thanks for your comments..


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