Monday, June 9, 2014

Zvezda 1/72 RT-2PM"TOPOL", SS-25 "SICKLE" third page (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello everyone

Topol story continues with the third page. A long vehicle, means a long story..
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16 April 2014

During assembly of the kit I admired Zvezda engineers . There are a lot of similar parts, each piece is individually cut and glued. Otherwise parts may be wrong. While it assembles, before make a small groups with a few pieces, after make a module with this small groups. Finally the modules glued to the right place  in the chassis.

And I made a faulty module .. No problem, I fixed it :)

the chassis occurred..

the rocket launcher before bonding..

the chassis and launcher completed..

18 April 2014

Clear parts.. installed and mask..

and the end of the night ..

24 April 2014

The front part has been completed .. a nice vehicle..

26 April 2014

Here is MAZ 7917 truck :) The lower part and chassis are very detailed.

my new airbrush (Badger 105 Patroit) and first try..

after primer.. Good job Badger...

Now time to start wheels and TOPOL :)

click please for the fourth page .http://miniafv....topol-ss-25-sickle_30.html


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