Thursday, October 16, 2014

Airfix 1/76 Sd.kfz. 234 Armoured Car (by Levent İnceayan)

Hello dear friends,

June 12, 2014 .. My dear friend Levent's birthday. I gave to him a small gift. An antique box, Airfix Sd.kfz.234. I think Levent loved this gift.  You can see in the photo :)

He immediately began to kit ..pieces are  in the picture below. There are also a surprise in the picture. A British commando. (Matchbox)   Levent hiding since childhood. the commando will be in vignettes.

after assembly...

Painting time..

three-color camouflage...

the camouflage was softened by the yellow..

a bad print decals..

some weathering..

and German soldiers.(Airfix, out of box)

And Levent's old toy (Matchbox British command)

a small fence ..made by coffee sticks

a small hint..Coming Levent's diorama ..

click please for dio http://miniafv.....minidio-with-airfix-176-sdkfz-234-by.html


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