Friday, December 26, 2014

Fenryll 28 mm. "Twin Thieves" (by Burak Çınar)

Hi,  Burak has prepared today's page. A 28mm vignettes job. Thank you Burak Çınar, 

28 mm Viniette "Twin Thieves"
I have bought two resin figures of Fenryll and some plaster objects for composition of a viniette. The theme is a sudden escape from a after-loot camping, against an approaching threat. One of the twins have a guard role, while the other is leaving with a transportable valuable artifact in a coffer.

My first move was spraying both figures and other objects with a gray primer. Next step was painting figures from base cloth to outwards. I have finished sketchy painting with faces and skins. I use figure-master Vallejo, Tamiya and Gunze colours. I often apply Tamiya's "Burnt Iron" for medieval weaponry, because it has a self-finished aspect.

After painting I started weathering with oil colours;"Black" for sharpening details and "Burnt Umber" for outwearing. I have completed finishing with using dry pastels ranged from white to dark gray.

I had already prepared a few boxed bases before, and selected a fair one. I have built a tree from a piece of original branch, but a short one to fit into the box. I have diversified environment well. At last, I have sprayed with matt varnish.

Have a good modelling!

Burak Çınar..


  1. I like ! the twins are beautiful figures with very good poses and the vignette is amazing !
    The tree is a little bit small maybe but very nice.
    Good work !

  2. Thanks for exalted words.

    Sam, you are right about the tree. It was to squeeze into the showcase.

    1. Having something tall, vertical, in a vignette (or dio) is important for the composition : if you think at a triangle, you can be almost sure that the composition will be better. It's often the same in photography. (and the Japanese bonzais are sculpted with the same rules .. )


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