Tuesday, December 23, 2014

. Trumpeter 1/72 Type 90 **Japanese twins** (Hakan Karlı & Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear friends,
Last winter, We organized a winter campaign in our forum. (http://www.hobimaket.com/)
Hakan and I've done the same model in this campaign. A Japanese tank Type 90. We found an interesting camouflage and made a joint work.

At that time, Hakan lives in Ankara, I used to live in Antalya. (537 kilometers away) However, we have continuous communication. (telephone, internet, etc.)
And we both finished with different methods,
We also share miniafv :
My Type 90  : http://miniafv....172-jgsdf-type90-completed-by.html
Hakan's Type 90 : http://miniafv.....jgsdf-type90-tank-winter_22.html

In September 2014, I went to Ankara for FNSS competition (http://miniafv...fnns competition)
and I visited Hakan's home. I took pictures with these brothers. For us it was a beautiful moment ....

 Left to right, I and Hakan...

We wanted to share this beautiful duo ...

(For the first picture: on the left side of my model, Hakan's model on the right.)

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