Saturday, August 29, 2015

HobbyBoos 1/72 Soviet Draisine "Krasnaja Zvezda" (by Burak Çınar)

Draisine “Krasnaya Zvezda” on a Winter Patrol

Draisines were used by military means in both world wars. In the Second World War, those light armored rail motor vehicles were primarily used for reconnaissance and securing the rails. There were various turrets of tanks and tankettes fitted on railway chassis to raise their firepower. Krasnaya Zvezda was one of those as, perhaps, the most popular one in plastic modeling, had a KV-1 turret.

This model is in 1/72 scale, produced by HobbyBoss. Smooth chassis would give it a boxed silhouette; however KV turret was enough to complete its beautiful shape. There are few pieces to assemble, which makes the model a paint-shoot trial. There is also a satisfying base with the rail bed. Both of the plastic and the assembling quality are good.

I have preferred snowy days in the East front. Thus the base and the model were white. As primer; I sprayed the draisine with Polisan 312 Nefti Yeşil (Naphta Green), and the base with yellow. After that, I sprayed both with white. Further painting with brush came with dark green mopping up along with the edges. Weathering phase took much time than the painting. It is a standard to me; I prefer Tamiya’s weathering sets using green, yellow, black, gray and white; beside oil paints as Lukas Studio 3004 Burnt Green Earth, Winton 25 Lamp Black, Winton 45 Zinc White and Winton 13 Chrome Yellow. I enjoyed Tamiya 87119 snow effect very much while using it first onto the base.

Happy modelling
Burak Çınar..

Thank you for sharing Burak..

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