Saturday, August 15, 2015

Revell (Matchbox) 1/76 Sherman Firefly **repaint** (by Kürşad Kaan Akkoyun)

Hello everyone,

I have started to combine the parts of M4 Sherman which is one of my favorites that belong to WW2 tank group. The model that I have is 1:72 scale. Revell's M4 Sherman kit is not a very detailed model. In addition to the tank, a bridge diaroma is available in the package.

When I first started to work on the model, unfortunately, I had been inexperienced about painting. I probably made a wrong choice and used just desert yellow to color the tank but afterwards I didn't want the tank to remain with that color. This is why, a few months later, I painted it once again.
This time, I firstly started to work on the bridge where the tank is positioned. I assumed that the bridge was constructed by brick and painted the structure into dark red while using brown for the soil ground. Then, I left the part to get dry. 

I washed the tank with light brown as it had been dyed with desert yellow formerly. I washed the bridge with the same brown. As a result, the frames of the bricks were filled with yellow. I painted the path and the parapet of the bridge into concrete grey.

 Actually, it had been a mistake to paint the tank into desert yellow at first. Since there was a bridge in the diaroma, why would people build it into a desert without water? Even so, I dusted the bridge with desert sand. I used dry brushing to highlight the details on the tank. I applied dust effect all over the tank.

This model had been on my mind for a while, soon I had the opportunity to fix it.

Happy modelling,
Kürşat Kaan Akkoyun...




Thank you for sharing Kaan..


  1. That is a fine rendition of a classic kit. I have three of these in my army, and the bridge pieces make a fine war games accessory: a demolished road bridge. My fourth Firefly is made from an Airfix kit with modified turret and gun.

  2. Wow, just wow! I really like the way you fixed diorama parts. You did awesome job, it shows how much you learned and developed your skills in the meantime :)



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