Saturday, September 19, 2015

08 Plastic Battle Armor Modeling Show (5-6 September 2015 in Ankara/Turkey)

Hello everyone

08 Plastic Battle Armor Modelling Show was held in FNSS facilities in Ankara, Turkey on 05-06 September 2015. Show was organized by Turkish modeling portal "PlasticBattle" team and sponsored by "FNNS Defense Systems" .

Today, there are a lot of images about the competition. But only Braille Scale models ... I'm sorry ...

 Plastic Battle family (who can come into competition)...

Hobimaket team (who can come)

First day..I'm coming with my model

Second day, with FNSS Pars 8x8 WAV

Gold medal (Özgür Aydın's Cromwell)

Silver medal (Hakan Karlı's Maus)

Bronze medal (Tolga Ülgen's Chevrolet)

Master modeler award (Mustafa Önge)

All of them..

Here is my Merkava III (Revell)

With big brothers..A nice moment for me and my little Merkava :)


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