Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trumpeter 1/72 French Char B1 bis (by Burak Çınar)

Hello everyone,

Char B1 has a past till 1919 as an idea of concept of a breakthrough tank development in France. Researches on the machine advanced in different steps and renewed due to developing requirements. Finally, Char B1 was started to produce at the end of 1935, and in early 1937, the production was switched to the favour of better Char B1 bis.

Char B1 bis had one 75 mm howitzer, one 47 mm anti-tank gun and two 7,5 mm machine guns. The tank was 31,5 tons which made it one of the heaviest of the interwar tank technology in the world, probably the second after the Soviet T-35. Its frontal armor was 60 mm thick, a heavy protection for a breakthrough tank in early Second World War. Side armors were also thick as 55 mm. There were 369 Char B1 bis entered the service between 1937-1940.

This Char B1 bis was Trumpeter's braille scale model. After a clear assembling, I have sprayed it all with "Polisan 312 nefti yeşil" (dark green) as primer and then went on painting sand with brush. I liked the blue heart on the turret very much. I have carried out effects in two ways. At first, I used oil paints for washing, using the mopping up technique, and second I have applied to Tamiya's mud effects.

Have a nice modelling!

Burak Çınar..

Thank you Burak..


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