Monday, November 23, 2015

Revell 1/72 Tiger II Ausf.B (King Tiger) / By Kürşad Kaan Akkoyun

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When I first took up this hobby, I worked on Tiger II (King Tiger) which is one of the legendary tanks of World War II. I was really inexperienced about painting. Therefore the model I formed appeared to be a very unprofessional, odd one. Of course I didn’t want to leave it as it was. So, I decided to color it again.

Firstly, I painted the tank with black primer again. Since the preceding dye was thin, the details didn’t disappear with the second coloring. After the primer, I decided to add a camouflage net on the tank with a technique that I saw on the internet. For this method, I used 4 bags of tea and a tube of glue. After the sticking, I painted the camouflage net into black. I dyed the net with light and dark green after coloring it into black. Lastly, to tone the net, I brushed it dry with a mixture of light and dark green. 

Then, it was time to paint the vehicle with yellow and green. I decided to color the tank’s camouflage pattern with the way known as 3./s.H.Pz.Abt.501 Ohrdruf. After painting the tank into yellow at all, I did green lines on it. 

After the painting process, I completed the weathering. There had been some detail loss on the tank, as a result of being painted for the second time. Lastly, I completed the model with dry brushing, here I used metallic grey. 

The tank seems to be in an appealing condition, especially when it is compared with the former look it had. The only thing, I regret is not sticking out the painting I did initially.
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Kürşat Kaan Akkoyun...

My old model..

after the black primer

Completed model

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