Sunday, May 7, 2017

Zvezda 1/72 BMPT Terminator **in box review** / by Erhan Atalay

Hello there,

Zvezda released the Terminator in 2017. On the T-90 kit chassis and modifying the body,  changing side skirts. And new mold with a turret ...I think it's a very nice kit.

Maybe some parts could be PE and metal barrel should be added. ..
No decal  but it doesn't matter ...

Back of the box .. Photos of the finished model

Other parts and tracks are same Zvezda T-90 kit.

wiew from manual..

painting guide..


  1. And my version :-)

  2. Yes, this is very nice 72 scale model. So, this model has changed to my bad idea for Zvezda :)


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