Thursday, February 8, 2018

T-Model (Termin Molds) 1/72 M1114 Up Armored Hmmwv Frag 5 with GPK Turret**in box review** / by Erhan Atalay

Hello dear friends,

Again, a preview kit from T-Model (Termin Molds).

Preview Kit TM7203 - M1114 Up Armored Humvee Frag 5 with GPK Turret

Kit comes in a sturdy cardboard box of the folding type.

Contains 9 sprues and 1 PE set, no decals, which are all packed separately in a plastic Zip bag

-the building description is in book format on solid paper. Examples : 

-the parts are cast extremely sharp so again quality as one can expect from T-Models
-for the construction and quality I refer to..
Erhan Atalay ((Henk Timmerman, thank you for your support about this preview...)

clear parts...

Sprue A

Sprue B

Sprue C-E (x2)

The wheels are interesting .. How to build..

Sprue K

Bonus parts..

And very big bonus ...Sprue F.
Modern U.S. military equipment :  boxes, thermal containers , gas cans and weapons (a Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun, an M60 and an MK 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher) with ammo boxes.

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