Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Dragon 1/72 BT-42 Finnish tank (by Viktor Gorelov)

Hello dear modeller,

This kit released 2018 from Dragon. The kit is quite new and I plan to buy it. So Viktor's work is a good reference. I wish I had inbox review ..

Anyway, Finnish and winter. Twins..
Viktor thinks like me ... very nice  vignette my friend, congratulations !

Information note:
BT-42 (Fin. BT-42) is a Finnish offensive weapon of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1941-1944, based on the Soviet light tank BT-7 seized in 1942. This is the only model of armored vehicle mass (18 units) created in Finland from 1918 to 1945.
As a result of the attack in Karelia in the autumn of 1941, the Finnish army technically seized about 20 Soviet light tanks BT-7. In spite of the very limited use of these tanks, although Finnish troops were actively using Soviet armored vehicles at that time, in the spring of 1942 a program was launched to modernize them and transform them into self-propelled artillery.

completed model..

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