Monday, July 20, 2015

Zvezda 1/72 T-90 Russian Main Battle Tank **building** (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello everyone,
We are continuing  the second page about Zvezda T-90 kit.
(Click for the first page .http://miniafv..../zvezda-172-t-90..)

I don't like the barrel of the box content. I think mould quality is poor. I changed the metal barrel (from RB Model)

Continue with the turret. Very small pieces but the details are very good.

Body details .. Continues an enjoyable work and coming a nice model.

a selfie with the wheels. . I love this scene in each model .

I added weight into the body. Will be a heavy model..

attention to the suspension system. They're not all the same...

Tracks must bending but not very flexible. Every moment can be broken..

like this :)

But it is not difficult for complete.. I remembered the Revell kit. It made the two-piece assembly.

And Zveda kit.

and continues to details..

A comparison again .. T-90 chassis .. Modelcollect (old version TOS1A) and Zvezda

Kord..  12.7 mm heavy machine gun (thank you dear Viktor (vkrestinin)

and our guns. which one is better :)

Zvezda has given up to 10 piece for gun

Fuel drums. Need some putty and sanding

Tow-cable is interesting and very successful..

aerial is so bad. I'll replace it with a metal aerial

and completed..

with Modelcollect kit..

update, 12.10.2015..
new photos about unpaint model..


to be continued..
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