Monday, November 21, 2011

Revell / Matchbox 1/72 T-80 B (Burak Özdil)

Burak Özdil works only models of post-WW2. Like this T-80. Thank you for sharing Burak,

PS : The T-80B was one of Revell's earliest 1/72nd scale AFV models, first released by Matchbox, and then later Monogram, and finally Revell AG. The Matchbox and Monogram T-80B kits are identical, except for the decals. The Revell T-80B is the same as the earlier two kits, but with an additional sprue of detail parts. Most of the details on the turret (as depicted in the Matchbox boxart) such as the stowage boxes, smoke grenade launchers, etc. are missing from the Matchbox and Monogram kits. They are included with both the Revell T-80B and T-80BV kits (thanks to Ian Vevers for this info). The Revell T-80BV is the same basic kit as the type B, but with reactive armor included. 
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  1. Great painting. Really crisp work.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I love this tank and want to built T-80BV if can find in market :)

  3. Çok güzel olmuş Burak ellerine, emeklerine sağlık. :)

  4. @ Burak, If you can find T80bv, you must buy two pieces:) one of for me, don't forget :)

    @ Barış senden de üretim bekliyoruz bilesin , sevgiler..


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