Thursday, November 3, 2011

Revell 1/72 Faun Slt 50-3 Elefant (the second chapter)

Hi dear friends, here is the second chapter (here is the first chapter)
Let's continue with...


2 September (2011) , After a long break began Faun. Very complex schema and lower parts of the vehicle was the hard part for me.

8 September,  There are a lot of wheel, tires are black, wheels are bronze green (all of them Vallejo)

9 September, quick progress

10 September, cockpit time

13 September,  towing cables

22 September, moved the stage of Paint. Paint the trailer Vallejo bronz green, faun paint Revell bronze green. They are not the same color.

2 October,  painting festival..

October 29, The and of painting festival :)

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