Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trumpeter / Strv 103C brothers / first page (Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear modeler, A new project will take longer. Among others, will continue.

This model made  by Trumpeter 1 / 35 and 1 / 72 scale ​​. I could not find easy to scale 72from Turkey was able to provide the scale of 35. Now of course I started the installation.(We have betrayed our cause by changing the scale as I know, but I guess it does not makeme an anarchist), and the kit is complete, perhaps painted a long time where he was removed, I think I had in my enthusiasm. Until, that the operation of an Ebay by Kerem Özkır1 USD (over 7 USD shipping) to 72 scale of the purchase price until ...

Great Strv'nin construction was completed in 2010 December. However, not continue to paint.In this project, I decided in March 2011 but in November 2011 could start to...I'm very fast :)

Let's go to the construction of small brother..

Completed more quickly 1/35 scale, such as small scale pushing me even more. Or do am an old ?

Whells are first...

I don't like the track to be vinyl. Nevertheless, according to the scale of a molding made ​​of beautiful. However, a little bit longer, more lifted my test results below the current, verylong ...

19-piece tower was sick, had a hard time. In fact 72 scale made ​​for the manual should understand one thing (the wrong places seemed to indicate) I bought 35 scale manual to the base of  . Number of pieces both in the same scale, but of course the effect of scale evident in the details.
72 scale manual

35 scale manual

72 scale

35 scale

both of

Here is the second page http://miniafv.......172-strv103-c-mbt-by-erhan.html

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