Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Revell 1/72 Faun Slt 50-3 Elefant (the third chapter)

Previous page: revell-172-faun-slt503-second-chapter.html

Hi dear friends,
Third page of the Long Vehicle... In November,  didn't progress with this model. Must end in December.


4 December  (2011) This vehicle should come to an end, the damage began to take. Today an accident, a few broken occurred. Now it is time to finish, began operation. Here is broken parts, will be easy to repair.

I worked with the wheels.

05 December,  Now need to replace the wheels. Very thin and will begin to damage suspensions. Stand-ontires.

More than two wheels. Of course one of the spare wheel. But it does not enter instead.Perhaps it would have to install before mounting. Let's look instead of crossing over without breaking.

06 December, I put the spare wheel, no damage, but a "snap" sound ?  don't understand where they came from :)

Doesn't within a square, created a long rectangle :) ...

Came to the stage of weathering. Then the front windows, mirrors, siren lights, etc. ... Must end in December...

update :
22 December,  some weathering...

Completed Model : revell-172-faun-slt503-completed-erhan.html


  1. Love the camo, airbrush or by hand?
    And the repair work, suberb!

  2. It's a big beautiful beast but remember you must finish it......

  3. Hi Remco, not using the airbrush. Hand-brush is more artistic to me. :) Already small scale..

  4. Hello Angry,
    I think this will end, but will not do the truck for a long time:)

  5. eline sağlık abi ufak tefek kazaları saymazsak çok güzel oluyor... ;) finali merakla bekliyor ve takip ediyorum...

    Kolay gelsin...

  6. Barış teşekkür ederim, sanırım yılın son modeli olarak anılacak :)

  7. A beast of a model, looking very good!

    Cheers Rich.

  8. Dostum süper bir çalışma olmuş!, eline sağlık. airbrush'tan hiç farkı yok..

    my frend superb work!, your hand brush look like air brush. no differences :)


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