Sunday, December 4, 2011

Military-Wheels 1/72 2S6M Tunguska completed model (Burak Özdil)

This is my lastest Russian. 2S6M Tunguska Air Defence System. 
Kit manufacturer Military Whells, details are poor, lost of mold mistakes etc... I started to build chasis quickly. All parts assembled very well but this is silence before the storm :) Tracks have constructional fault! Both tracks are 6 - 7 mm out of chasis! (normally 1,5mm in 1/72 scale) This is very big trouble. Now model look like "snow car" I wanted to realese model when I saw this problem but back for rescue one day later. I used heavily construction on model, Rebuilt chasis. 
Turret built easily than chasis. It suprised for me. Added some details for radar and weapon systems. Models orginal canon barrels look little pins! (orginal part above scratch canon) so all canons scratch built, added some parts on missle systems. 
Painted with Revell Enamel 9 Testors olive drap Testors sand I used UHU-TAC for camuflage. 
Burak Özdil..

construction stage link:


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