Wednesday, May 13, 2020

1/72 M123 Semi-tractor (with Academy M35 and Dragon Wagon Kit) by Burak Özdil

Hello dear modeller,
A nice project from Burak Özdil .. Making a 1/72 scale M123 6x6 semi-tractor . The Mack M123 was a 10-ton 6x6 semi-tractor introduced in 1955; the Mack M125 was a heavy cargo truck version of the M123. The M123 was used to tow tank transporter trailers while the M125 towed field artillery pieces.

He used an Academy M-35 kit for this truck. Of course a lot of renovations ..

The M123 was used to tow semi-trailers carrying MBT's (in conjunction with the M15A1 and later the M747 semi-trailer) and as such superseded the M26(A1) Pacific "Dragon Wagon" and semi-trailers carrying engineering equipment (e.g. in conjunction with the M 127 low bed semi-trailer). Burak used Academy Dragon Wagon kit for  semi-trailers..

Today, here is the construction stages...


Burak  started with shortening the M35 chassis..


Critical decision about wheels .. M35 truck wheels are small, so used from the Dragon Wagon kit wheels.. 

headlight glasses..

hint from the Project..

.Burak & Erhan

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