Monday, June 22, 2020

Italeri 1/72 Persian Cavalry with chariot.. by Emre Erkaplan

Hello dear modeller,

Emre prepared today's page. He makes 1/72 scale figures and dioramas.
Thank you for sharing Emre..

Chariots... The first AFV of the history.

Chariots started to be user in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC. Sumerians user 4 wheeler chariots pulled by oxen. In later periods two wheeler chariots were build and these cars were pulled with 2 or 4 horses. In Antician wars, chariots were effective weapons used against infantry.

In this work,we see a Persian chariot and elite cavalry unit. Persian imperial elite forces known as "10000 immortals".

In the 4th century BC the Persian Empire had the most powerful army and the political power of the world.

Happy modelling,

Emre Erkaplan...

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