Thursday, August 13, 2020

Airfix 1/72 Sam-2 Missile with Launcher and Transporter **inbox preview** (by Cem Esen)

Hello dear modeller,

Airfix / Sam-2 Missile Kit, first released in 1973, until 1975 there were with two different boxes.
Then no news until today. The mould is believed to have been destroyed. Because this kit was never released again.

The model has an old and simple mold. However, it is now extinct so it is very valuable. That's why I wanted to share the box review. The photos  taken by Cem Esen for “miniafv” . thank you my friend..

a worn box, but the nylons are intact. 

only one reference to decal, small part in the upper right corner of the photo..

I think, Trumpeter Zil-157 alternative for truck and wheels


  1. wow ive just bought this kit on ebay and intend to build it as i did back in the 80s but with todays skills

    1. I'm waiting for your result with curiosity 👍


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