Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Braille Battlefield Campaign Giant Photo Report

Braille Battlefield Campaign Giant Photo Report (in armorama).  A feast of Braille Scale AFV. I also joined with three models.  UM Model SU-76  , Esci Panther A  , Hasegawa M3 Lee  .   You should see this exhibition.  Can be found at this link :

 excerpt from Armorama  :
"...The campaign began November 1, 2010 and officially ran until the ending date of May 1, 2011. During its duration, the official campaign thread generated 57 pages, a total of 1,415 postings and just short of 60,000 (58,985) views. Hundreds of build pictures were posted and innumerable issues and problems were both presented and most often resolved.................." (by Jan Etal) 

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