Monday, June 18, 2012

İtaleri / Esci 1/72 Matilda Mk.II (by Burak Çınar)


A British Braille Matilda during defense of Malta, 1942. I liked this camouflage scheme. It was strange to me after painting German and Soviet tanks. Although some lines are thicker than the realistic one, It can be easily done thin and clear. I have used mopping up technique again, but this time I made pulses more heterogenous. With Matilda, I have used brown spray as primer for the first time to show tank's paint older..
Happy modellings!

Burak Çınar,

Ps : Italeri 7035 Matilda Mk.II (Ex. Esci Matilda Mk.II kit number 8036)..Erhan


  1. Lovely job on this. The scheme looks well detailed and effective.

    Top marks!

  2. eline, emeğine sağlık burak hocam çok güzel olmuş :)

  3. Have to take my hat of to you - respect! Very nice camouflage :-)

  4. Thanks Kukuruza. I may build a second one with the same camo with thinner green lines.


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